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COVID-19: The Show MUST Go On (Somehow)!



Hello there,

COVID-19 is here and it has sadly dictated how we do our daily activities: work, school, socializing, shopping, and magic (well, for me at least!), too. Platforms such as Zoom have now become a centerpiece of our computers for things like education, meetings, and (for Alexander Morgan) magic shows! That's right, because of social distancing restrictions, I am happy to announce that I am now offering an interactive Zoom show for up to 100 guests due to the pandemic. This show is ideal for keynotes, parties, and just a casual Friday night "out"! For more information, contact me via the "Contact" tab.

P.S. I'm occasionally doing live "public" shows free of charge! Be sure to like/follow my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (all @AlexMorganLive, direct links at the bottom of each page for each social) to be informed as to when I will be going live.


May 2021 UPDATE:

Since social distancing restrictions are finally on the decline globally, I am happy to announce that I am returning to in-person performances. For your comfort, I will keep a bottle of hand sanitizer (or hand sanitizer wipes) on me for the duration of the performance and will wear a mask at the request of audience members.

Please note: Zoom shows are not ending. If you would like to book a Zoom show, I'd be more than happy to perform one for you and your guests!



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