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Find the perfect show to pair with your event!

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Are You Watching Closely?

Throughout the course of your event, Alexander will walk around and amaze your guests with nothing more than a deck of cards, coins, and even borrowed items, such as business cards & cell phones. your guests will be in awe with Alexander's immense demonstration of sleight of hand that's right before their very eyes and, obviously, features no camera tricks!

This show is ideal for wedding receptions, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, corporate Holiday parties, and any other venue in which guests will be mingling about and socializing with one another.

(Photo courtesy of D. Becker Photo.)

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He Knows What You're Thinking!

AKA the "Parlor Show": in this interactive show, Alexander provides a blend of magic and mentalism. Some of what you can expect to witness during the show include a card trick in which two signed playing cards magically fuse into one card, finding a borrowed hidden object in the room while blindfolded, giving an audience member the "ability" to "read minds," and much more!

As a bonus, before or following each show, Alexander will briefly mingle with your guests, showing them magic. It's his way of warming up and getting to know everyone or capitalizing on a stellar performance and saying "thank you" to all in attendance.

Designed for 1,000+ people, but can be performed for as little as 25. Due to the complex nature of mentalism, Alexander recommends that anyone who plans on attending this show be at least 15 years of age or older. This show is ideal for conventions, colleges/universities, corporate events, and any other venue in which guests will be seated.



Become the Next Alexander Morgan!

Whether you're brand new to magic and don't know where to begin, looking to learn a few tricks to become the life of the party in the process, or you're already a seasoned pro but would like some professional feedback on your material, look no further than Alexander Morgan!

Alexander has taken everything he's learned from Tannen's Magic Camp, numerous critiques from other magicians, and even his early days of magic and essentially reinvented the wheel for the magicians of tomorrow! Picture his teaching style as an old fold-out map being converted to a GPS. Streamlined and to the point!

For current magicians looking for feedback, Alexander can review your material and give you feedback on your performance style, attire, and (if applicable) music, too. If you're looking to change your material (effects, attire, music, etc.) and don't know where to start, Alexander will get to the drawing board and help you come up with the reworks you need in no time!

Lessons are available to purchase as one lesson or a package of 10 lessons. Lessons are conducted over Zoom (or similar video calling platforms) and are available in person for individuals in northern New Jersey.

*Please note: lessons are currently in a testing phase and are expected to begin in the near future. To be informed when they officially begin, be sure you are following Alexander's social media (all @AlexMorganLive: links at the bottom of every page) and join his email list, too (click/tap the "Coming Soon" button below).

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